The Train, by Ivana Svobodová

The train flows through the midnight of tunnels,hums inside ribs.Raindrops wink on the windowas they say goodbye to platformsthat give them a grin full of bones of cobblestones.Rustling leaves wrap around fingersthe monuments of the abandoned stations.Bezpráví,yearning of wires, mires in the mist on the glass,bared teeth of the lightning-catcherthat swallows the autumn like a …

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Bronx Tiger Tests Positive for COVID-19, by James Edward O’Brien

            Hip swagger,black coat,bellyful of kittens—             sun-shadow brume of chimney-ash dander—tightrope-walking fencesthat lean like drunks beyond the water’s edge,             crooked, corroding—salt-battered,wind-battered, time-             battered thingsthat keep exactly nothing at bay—queens of the things that make our acquaintance,             masters of that which allowus command. The block, a plague-timeferal’s kingdom—backyard plots             & sea grass—Felis catus makes do with specters …

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Owl’s Head, 1980s, by M. Regan

i.      The Ocean        Gilded crests and metallic prisms        are shattered now, transmuted now:        emerald to tanzanite to sapphire to silver        in accordance with nor’eastern alchemy.        Like birth, the horizon becomes distinct bodies;        you watch as sea splits free from sky.         And there, between—a line across deep water:        an ouroboros loop betwixt past, present, shore.        Serpentine, it ribbons on the backs of swells,        incorporeal and hazed. …

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Roommate, by Cislyn Smith

the ghost screams twenty-three minutes before your alarmmakes the towels musty dampall the damn timeshe shatters your favorite mugand hides the superglue in the freezerinsists on slamming doors shutand opens all the windows wide in winter lookyou can’t really blame herfor being cranky,a sullen spectral roommatewafting through repainted wallswailing at odd hours you’re in her …

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