Roommate, by Cislyn Smith

the ghost screams twenty-three minutes before your alarmmakes the towels musty dampall the damn timeshe shatters your favorite mugand hides the superglue in the freezerinsists on slamming doors shutand opens all the windows wide in winter lookyou can’t really blame herfor being cranky,a sullen spectral roommatewafting through repainted wallswailing at odd hours you’re in her …

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The Latest Metamorphosis, by Rebecca Bratten Weiss

  Apollo is stalking again this summer,flaunting his meaty thighs, letting flyhis arrows. Kings summon oracles,ask: Who is the abomination?Whom shall we cast into the wilderness? Heat rolls off our bodies like storms in the desert,but all the pools are cursed. Dive in a woman,come out a monster, leper-lady, bandages unwinding,ringing your little bell. This …

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Water, by Snousha Glaude

Ebbing, water swivels into the groves of mother earth’s spinecollidingcrackingcrashing buoys silently spectatewadingbouncingbobbingsinking i do not feel princess-like wearing this glitterblinded, salty surrender lace collars crocheted from spindles of foamstomach cramping,intestines crunched into submission fingers claw at merciless windsair seeping, escaping Dying,toes caress abrasive sanddisgruntled shells,buried dunes black blood seeks refuge in indigo oceansbuoys pray, …

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The bone moon above Kōdaiji: A Quartet, by Ryu Ando

                                                              i. Who sees the black sakura in the courtyard,           the fruit that weeps on the branch, a tender flesh staining the tips of your fingers – red as your lips?           Who sees the fractal twists of suffering in glints of light on the flagstones? Or your           arthritic hands held up to the sky? Or the …

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