Sean Markey publishes websites for a living, and has always dreamed of publishing a magazine (about Death). He lives with his wife, Beth, in northern Vermont.

Follow Sean on Twitter @MarkeyDotCo (if you want).

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Editor in Chief

E. Catherine Tobler’s fiction has appeared in Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, and Interzone, among others. Her fiction has been a finalist for the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award and the Nebula Award, and her editing work at Shimmer was a finalist for the Hugo and World Fantasy awards. Her work at The Deadlands is on the 2023 World Fantasy ballot. You can find her on Bluesky.

Poetry Editor

Nicasio Andres Reed is a writer, poet, and essayist whose work has appeared in venues such as Shimmer, Fireside, Lightspeed, and Uncanny Magazine. He’s read slush for Strange Horizons, edited manuscripts for award-winning authors, and owns five different copies of Moby Dick.He lives with his family in Cavite province in the Philippines.

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Nonfiction Editor

David Gilmore is an MFA grad, who started his career editing slush with the Lindenwood Review and Shimmer Magazine. He’s excited to delve into pieces exploring the intricacies of ancient funeral practices or sit in reflection with essays about encounters with the Pale Rider, but most of all he’s excited to travel The Deadlands with you.

Art Director

Cory Skerry aka inkshark has haunted the backstage of several publications, including Shimmer, Nightmare, and He spent his teen years barefoot in real wilderness, and as an artist, he attempts the metaphorical same. As someone who has always worn black and played with old bones, he swooned at the opportunity to curate imagery for “…this valley of dying stars.”


Amanda Downum is the author of The Necromancer Chronicles, Dreams of Shreds & Tatters, and the World Fantasy Award-nominated collection Still So Strange. Not content with armchair necromancy, she is also a licensed mortician. She lives in Austin, TX with an invisible cat. You can summon her at a crossroads at midnight on the night of a new moon, or find her on Twitter as @stillsostrange.

Copy Editor

Laura Blackwell is a freelance editor and Pushcart-nominated writer. Her publications include Chiral Mad 5, Nightmare, and the Aseptic and Faintly Sadistic anthology. You can follow her on Bluesky, Instagram, and Twitter @pronouncedlahra and visit her website at


Christine M. Scott has been a professional graphic and web designer for over 25 years. She is the Creative Director and Co-publisher of Nosetouch Press and has co-edited seven anthologies, including the folk horror anthology trilogy, The Fiends in the Furrows. She is also an artist and craftsperson—several of her handcrafted items were included in Game of Thrones: The Compendium, printed by Chronicle Books for HBO. For a complete list of her pursuits, please visit

Social Media

Felicia Martínez is a writer and artist born and raised in Eastern New Mexico, though home is now the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a 2023 Dream Foundry Contest for Emerging Writers finalist, an honor she achieved with a beloved work of flash. Find her on Bluesky and Instagram as @feliciafm.

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