Issue 4

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Table of Contents

The Deadlands Issue 04 Cover

The Shadowed Undertows – Natalia Theodoridou (fiction) – released 8/19

All the Trees That Have Perished Alongside My Childhood – Bogi Takács (poetry) – released 8/23

Immolatus – Lyndsie Manusos (fiction) – released 8/26

This Candid Field – Mat Joiner (poetry) – released 8/30

Danse Macabre: Equality in Death in Medieval Istrian Frescoes – Jelena Dunato (nonfiction) – released 9/2

Ghost Towns: A Cultural Resources Survey Report from the 2020-21 Field Season – Sara E. Palmer (poetry) – released 9/6

Ask A Necromancer: The Indignities of Death– Amanda Downum (nonfiction) – released 9/9

Sometimes You Get the Bear – Tim Pratt (fiction, reprint) – released 9/13

Untitled – Jayaprakash Satyamurthy (poetry) – released 9/16

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