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Issue 33 Table of Contents

Cover by: Lucy Lisett

Threnody in Dark Wood, Avra Margariti (fiction; released 2/5)

Inferno guts Manila, Mark Cunanan (poetry; released 2/8)

The Glass Sarcophagus, Tiffany Morris (fiction; released 2/12)

Earth as Eidolon, Alexander Atreya (poetry; released 2/15)

Auspicium, Diana Dima (fiction; released 2/19)

Your Body Conquers Death, Sophia-Maria Nicolopoulos (nonfiction; released 2/22)

Symphony of the World’s Roots, Damián Neri (fiction; released 2/26)

Mourning Person, Anuja Mitra (poetry; released 2/29)

Totality, Brandi Sperry (fiction; released 3/4)

Your Sword, Your Trumpet, Anjali Patel (fiction; released 3/7)

For Kristen, Who Would Have Turned 47 Today, Melissa Frederick (poetry; released 3/11)

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