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Issue 31 Table of Contents

Cover by: Isis Sangaré

Five of Cups Considers Forgiveness, Ali Trotta (poetry; released 11/20)
My Bonsai Lover in Winter, Rachael K. Jones (fiction; released 11/22)
Remember This When They Find You, Margaret Dunlap (fiction; released 11/27)
Irrepressible Thoughts of Death and Other #justgirlythings, Shreejita Majumder (nonfiction; released 11/30)
Taxidermist’s Lullaby, Hana Gammon (poetry; released 12/4)
Crumpled, Steve Toase (fiction; release 12/7)
How the Blubber Boy Came to Be, Shantell Powell (poetry; released 12/11)
Hollow Are the Bones, E.E. Cypher (fiction; released 12/14)

Felicia Martínez joins us as guest poetry editor this issue.
Ask a Necromancer is taking the month off, but shall return.

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