Bathsheba’s Corsage, by Elena Sichrovsky


she’s a princess who romances thorns
wears necklaces of needle-sharp pearls
         plucked from her father’s brow
         strung on mother’s graying hair
      if you try to steal a kiss she will give
      you her lips plucked fresh from the stem
twin pink shells of flesh sitting soft in your palm
whispering hallelujah notes to your shame
                                                  her shame
is colorblind // ravens are her only friends
for fear of her turning against them too


we get married on the breast of night

how slow she breathes when we dip our heels
how weak her cries for release when we kneel
upon the broken eaves of her sternum

i have nothing for you to suckle at, she says
no stars to milk from my nipples

/oh!/ foolish woman of constellations

we have no need of nourishment
we have buried all vestiges of mother
father too resides in earthen slumber

we are here in boundless yearning
to rip off the band-aid of the moon
exposing our love to the cowardly sun


you miss
     his smell // his touch
the rot of him
     between your legs

in dark fields
     lambs dream
of kissing
     wolves’ teeth

,,,carrion cannot reshape his joy,,,

let termites wait upon your beloved
let uneaten marrow serve your court
      for what love has crowned

let nothing as petty as life abdicate

Elena Sichrovsky is a queer Austrian-Taiwanese writer currently living in the Netherlands. She’s passionate about exploring queer and feminine themes through the lens of horror. Her work has been published in Nightmare, Sublunary Review, Mythaxis, Ninth Letter, ergot press, and others. You can follow her on Twitter @ESichr or read more on her website.

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