Issue 30 Table of Contents

Cover by: inkshark

Bathsheba’s Corsage, Elena Sichrovsky (poetry; released 10/23)

In the Forest of Talking Animals, Makena Onjerika (fiction; released 10/26)

Kagewani, Betsy Aoki (poetry; released 10/30)

Lifting the Veil Between the Living and the Dead: Día de los Muertos in Oaxaca, N.K. van Riemsdijk (nonfic; released 11/2)

All The Things I Know About Ghosts, By Ofelia, Age 10, Isabel Cañas (fiction; released 11/6)

Ask a Necromancer: One From the Vaults, Amanda Downum (nonfic; released 11/9)

Sisyphus, Mid-Flight, Leah Bobet (poetry; released 11/13)

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