This issue is dedicated with love to, and in memory of,
R J Theodore, our Rekka, whose spirit imbues these pages still. ❤︎

Issue 28 Table of Contents

Cover by: David Stoupakis

The Ferryman, Fernanda Coutinho Teixeira (fiction, released August 21)

The Dead Boy Inside Me, Angel Leal (poetry, released August 24)

Seeing Death: Exploring Dark Omens from Scottish Folklore, by Lyndsey Croal (nonfic, released August 28)

The Greatest Country in the World, by Rafiat Lamidi (poetry, released August 31)

Ask a Necromancer: Live From Readercon, by Amanda Downum (nonfic, released September 4)

Next Time, Sitawa Namwalie (poetry, released September 7)

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