Persephone Takes Up the Garnets, by Ursula Whitcher

Her father’s family wants everything lush the first time.

An eagle’s feathers soft as rainfall, coins pouring thick as magnolia blossom,

excess slicing from the belly to the shaking of the world.

There is a luxury in being asked twice.

The sugar cubes ignored beside the porcelain cup

made from bone ashes in a process she is not asked to admire,

the footfalls from the shape she cannot see, the hand

that does not touch her hand.

What sky-breaking abandon, only to say yes

to a single seed.


Ursula Whitcher’s languages include French, Latin, classical Greek, algebraic geometry, and python. You can find Ursula’s poetry and fiction in places such as Asimov’s Science Fiction, Polu Texni, The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast, or Goblin Fruit, or by following the links at Look for @superyarn on Twitter or on Mastodon for smaller tastes of words.

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