Issue 17 Table of Contents

My dead aunt visits me in the dream. But, my phone autocorrects Dead Aunt as Dear Ant, Chinedu Gospel (poetry) — released 9/22

A Dervish Among the Graves of Ghazni, Tanvir Ahmed (fiction) — released – 9/26

Gorgon. Chemotherapy. Party Time, David Arroyo (poetry) — released 9/29

The Time I Watch the Foxes Drink, Jonothan Pickering (fiction) — released 10/03

Ask A Necromancer: Bring the Meteor to the Skeleton, Amanda Downum (nonfiction) — released 10/06

Older, Octavia Cade (fiction) — released 10/09

Toaster Poem, Nathaniel Krenkel (poetry) — released 10/13

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