image of: The Deadlands Issue #1, May 2021

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Table of Contents

The Beginning – E. Catherine Tobler

Psychopomp – MJ Cunniff (poetry)

Peristalsis – Vajra Chandrasekera (fiction)

Paalai Anju – Shweta Narayan (poetry)

You Always Were a Morbid Child – Amanda Downum (nonfiction)

Later the Loch, Sooner the Lack: The Lifecycle of a Horrid Man with Horrid Plans – s.j. bagley (poetry)

Death and Wednesday – Suzan Palumbo (nonfiction)

Fear Death by Water – Arkady Martine (fiction, reprint)

Death Opus – Romie Stott (poetry)

The End – Sean Markey (editorial)

[Publisher’s note: Extra special thanks to Tobias S. Buckell and E. Catherine Tobler for some last minute work to make the formatting of the magazine available for download in all formats. Please show them some love!

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