Inanna 1, by Bethany Fine


The world is astonishing
I feel it with my body
Do you hear me?

I feel it with my whole body
Your mind is in your eyes
Your feet and your guts,
In the darkness of holes and in your eyes. It

Follows that your mind is in your shit,
That decreation is evolutionarily as important as your kids and theirs;

It’s just astonishing. The world is. Today I saw an image of a grateful statue from an ancient Mesopotamian museum. Gratitude to an unknown god. The temple is E-shar. Nothing else is known. Ok. Fight me that this is not astonishing on its own;

That the world is so peopled with gods we don’t even know probably all of them; the return is null; and then!

if you look up the temple you return many local doctors named Sharp
And violin instructionals,
But the city has a wiki stub
And it mentions the temple
And its devotions to Inanna,
The heart of my heart
The one in my soul
The flayed one
The one I think of every time I place wet laundry on a hanger
Gravity pulling out the wrinkles
Three days on the hook. Have you seen her? Inanna I mean. Ugly as shit. Greatest lady, first in my heart. Did I know? I did not know.
Do I know? I know every third day. Will I know? My mind is in my shit
And my wet shirt as it straightens on the hook.

Become something of use.

Bethany Fine is a poet living in North Georgia with her two children. Her work has appeared in Salvage, The New Engagement, and other publications.

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