Untitled, by Jayaprakash Satyamurthy

Stand here and become a tree
Sift the loam with your toes
Talk to the birds in your
     branching mind
Stand here and leave eternity
Drab concern of mayfly humans
Hold the skies in your
     fingers outstretched
Talk to insects, sing the day,
Sing morning with feathered
    familiars, sing night as
Bats cry, as owls wing, intent
Stand here and face everywhere
Become a world in a world
Where you were only a worm
    only a flicker, a human

Stand here and forget forever
You are at the shore      You
Are the shore, the timeless
      sea if you dare to cease
Striving, mobility, human unease
You are the sky, the ground if
You wish to halt in your tracks
    let hunter and prey stumble
Stand silent, embrace slow time
Sway gently in the breeze that
    brings aromatic wisdom
Sea and shore, earth and sky
World, being, living bridge
    sibling to all
Stand here and become a tree.

Jayaprakash Satyamurthy is a writer and musician who lives in Bangalore, India with a horde of rescued cats and dogs. His publications include the novella, Strength of Water, and the poetry collection, Broken Cup. His band Djinn And Miskatonic can be heard on bandcamp. He’s on twitter as @flightofsand, where he freely shares his increasingly deranged views on everything. 

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