Undoing, by Zin E. Rocklyn

The Universe eats
itself until there is nothing
but air and space

nothing but you and me.

I am the God of Undoing,
your breath my playground.
I leave you bleeding,



For something you are unsure
of, for blood, for spite,
for the rivers of me

pushing forth



Blurring the lines of choice
and adoration until

there is only you and me.

I am the God of Undoing,
your head and heart and heat
all mine
and as I extricate all that is you,
you love me all the more.

Zin E. Rocklyn is a contributor to Bram Stoker-nominated and This is Horror Award-winning Nox Pareidolia, KaijuRising II: Reign of Monsters, Brigands: A Blackguards Anthology, and Forever Vacancy anthologies and Weird Luck TalesNo. 7 zine. Their story “Summer Skin” in the Bram Stoker-nominated anthology Sycorax’s Daughters received an honorable mention for Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year, Volume Ten. Zin contributed the nonfiction essay “My Genre Makes a Monster of Me” to Uncanny Magazine’s Hugo Award-winning Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction. Their short story “The Night Sun” and flash fiction “teatime” were published on Tor.com. Their debut novella will be published by Tor.com in Fall 2021. Zin is a 2017 VONA and 2018 Viable Paradise graduate as well as a 2022 Clarion West candidate. You can find them on Twitter @intelligentwat.

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