The Deadlands 2024 Fundraiser: New Ferryman Coins!


(last updated: Oct 31)

hello. my friends

the time has come, once again, to pay The Ferryman.

do you think they take Regular Money?

of course not. You must pay with an obol to ensure your safe passage across and down The River.

many beloved short fiction markets have raised money this year through subscription drives.

we need to raise funds–it’s true–it costs many dollars to maintain THE DEADLANDS here on this plane.

but we are The Deadlands, we will do things differently.

if you want to support The Deadlands, we’ve made you a very beautiful, real life, physical coin to buy.

accepted in most underworlds. Here it is:

(final design subject to change, mostly little things)

this fundraiser will run from today (Friday the 13th!) through October 31st.


each coin will cost $29.

each coin will be individually numbered.

we WILL be giving a bunch of cool shit away over the next year by drawing numbers and announcing it on BSKY and Twitter and our Insta.

stay tuned for more on that

Head over to our store to pre-order the coin!

some questions you might have:

How many coins do you need to sell to fund The Deadlands?

the answer is: 1,000 coins.

it costs about $22,000 a year for us to produce The Deadlands. true story.

these coins will be priced at $29/each.

if you take the price of what it costs to produce our beautiful zine + the costs to design, manufacturer, and ship the coins, $29,000 will cover it all.

we’ll track coins sales on this page so you can see our progress and, hopefully, rally around us!

What does the timeline look like to me getting a coin?

we learned a lot about selling physical goods from our last Kickstarter. we still owe two things to backers (winter hats and prints–which we’re working on).

Kickstarter is a horrible way to manage/track purchases.

THIS fundraiser will be using Shopify + Shipstation to manage everything–it should be VERY easy. You’ll pre-order the coins now through October 31st.

on November 1st we’ll close sales and place an order. 30 days later we’ll receive the coins and ship them out all at once, so we think you’ll get your coin in time for the holidays.

I already have a coin, do I need another one?

up to you, really.

these coins will start at #127, so everyone that ALREADY OWNS a beautiful 2023 coin will be considered for drawings/giveaways.

however–and we’re super biased here–you can never have enough Obols…

that’s it. that’s the pitch

go forth and buy a coin and support These Deadlands.

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