issue 26

Questions and Answers, by Zaynab Iliyasu Bobi

Questions and Answers                                                                     س و ج what do you know about home?                                                          – سi know of voices that swivel into purple song,                                       – جtongues forced to sleep under the clouds of their mouthlike how قل — to say in Arabic, mutate to hold your tongue hostagewhen I say it in Hausa, عقل. what do …

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bonelight, by Lucas Enne

lift her from the watercolor seaso easy to sink in the backwatersdon’t claw cracks in deep marinethose beasts once drowned weren’tgod after all her skin is leviathan tooth-pockedbloodfall waterdrip in your armscold glimmer-scales like stars inher cosmic body so let’s pray togod after all that breath of smoke on the waternow long dead deified in …

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