Drink to The Deadlands

By: Sean Markey, publisher. It’s coming up on two weeks since we launched The Deadlands. There was a lot of celebration around this new zine coming into the world, which I was excited to be a part of. I wanted to mark the launch by raising a glass–alcoholic or otherwise–to toast my beloved death mag …

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The Beginning

I had to have been about eight years old the first time I saw a dead body. My mom was travelling, and so I was left in the care of family friends. These friends worked for a funeral home and it was their responsibility to transport bodies. I remember them having a very serious conversation …

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Psychopomp, by MJ Cunniff

The amount of architecture requiredto ferry the dead must be momentous: train tracks of finely wrought silver runacross the shores by the black rivers, shuddering near each otherwith calculated blasts of power. Over the gray dust speed the carsof the dead; on the far bank she stands and cries where are you, far from the …

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Paalai Anju, by Shweta Narayan

1. I’ve keened, cracked dryas riverbeds before rain, heart pressedto cactus thorns till flowers bloomed brightas the dancer’s painted hands, and youcalled me exotic. Who then stole this voice? 2. If I dig into dry earth, ember-studded, callingthe red-mouthed mother to swallow me,if I climb nanofibers out past this sea of smoke,fall thin-aired into orbit, …

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Later the Loch, Sooner the Lack: The Lifecycle of a Horrid Man with Horrid Plans, by s.j. bagley

-.egg.- lapsarianism, or something like it, come to town, this town, that town, on the whisper of the morning’s mournings. . -.larva.- we cannot repent nor repeal and release ratify and rectify what we cannot regret, no matter whose door is darkened, face bruised by blacklight. . -.first instar.- he could remember his mother, or …

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The End

Hello. You’ve made it to the end of The Deadlands – Issue 01. Did you love it? Will the stories herein haunt you for weeks and months to come? Will some imagery from one of the poems pop into your head at an odd hour completely uninvited? I hope so. It’s been a really incredible …

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