Two Important Announcements on Subscriptions and Festivals


This is Sean, publisher of The Deadlands with an announcement about the future of this magazine (about Death).

Since the dawn of time May 2021 we’ve published The Deadlands under a subscription model.

This has worked out okay, but it never quite felt like the best way to help us fund The Deadlands–and it surely didn’t feel like the way we wanted to engage you, our favorite readers. Every time we release a new issue, the conversation we have is a little bit omg look at all this amazing writing! and a little bit hey could you please subscribe to see it all at once or I guess just wait a few weeks if you can’t swing a subscription.

Nothing wrong with this, that’s business, baby!

But we’re not business. We’re The Deadlands.

So we thought WWDD?

And Death would Deathfinitely kill the subscription and change the conversation we have with our wonderful audience.

Well, that’s what we did.

Going forward, it will be impossible for you purchase a subscription to The Deadlands.

I know this announcement will lead to several questions, so let me answer them preemptively:

How Will I Read The Deadlands If I Can’t Subscribe?

Easy. Everyone subscribed to our email list will be sent a .mobi and .pdf of the issue on the 19th of the month, release day.

If you’re on the list, you will receive our issue. Lucky!

Here is a convenient sign-up form for you (sign up now, but keep reading, cuz there’s more!)

Subscribe to
The Deadlands

and get our new issue delivered to you on the 19th of ever month 💀

    We will also continue posting one story per week on our website as we have been.

    But what if I sign up on the 20th, do I just miss that issue???

    Nope. When you sign up we’ll use futuristic technology to send you a “WELCOME TO THE DEADLANDS” email with the latest issue attached.

    How can I read past issues, tho?

    If you were not previously a subscriber, you’ll have to buy them individually (for now).

    In 2023, we’ll publish an archive page of ALL our previous issues so you can grab any you missed.

    What If I Bought A Subscription Previously?

    First of all, thank you!

    Your support has mean the (under)world to us, and was a huge help in helping us launch and sustaining us since our Kickstarter.

    You are literally the best.

    Here’s how we are resolving this:

    • if you signed up (or resubscribed) within the past 90 days, you will receive a full refund.
    • if you signed up within the last 91-365 days, you will receive an ebook of our year 1 AND year 2 collection (forthcoming)
    • if you backed us with the LIFETIME tier of our kickstarter–we are taking care of you, don’t even worry. You are receiving some real goodies (and also the ebooks of our year 1 and year 2 collection).

    If you fall in one of those tiers and have anything to add, please feel free to reach out to me directly: sean @ (this website)

    The refunds will happen over the rest of August.

    The ebooks will happen… a bit later. That’s a project we are working on now, and will have much more cool things to say about it SOON.

    How Will You Continue To Stay Alive If You’re Not Funded Through Subscriptions?

    Oh, you sweet spring-time fawn.

    We were never alive to begin with.

    But: this is otherwise a good question.

    And this leads us to our second announcement:

    Save your subscription monies.

    Save your candy corns.

    Save your death for a future day.


    image of a horse skeleton on a carousel, "festival of the deadlands" written at the top, and the dates: October 1st through October 31st.

    Coming soon.

    We’ll be sending more details out via email.

    Here’s how to sign up, if you still haven’t:

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