A Very 2024 The Deadlands Update

hi. hello:

A new year brings new adventures here in The Deadlands.

Here are two of them:

  • We are switching to a quarterly schedule–we will publish a new issue of The Deadlands each quarter (and each issue will container much more fiction than you’re used to seeing in one of our issues).
  • We are adding in a print version for US residents.

And with new adventures comes new challenges.

Instead of the usual January 19th release date, Issue #33–the FIRST in our new quarterly release schedule (otherwise known as Winter 2024) will be released February 19th. Yes, it was not ready for our original January 19th release. So it is with publishing.

You can expect us to get back on to our regularly scheduled schedule once we release this Winter issue on February 1st. It looks like this:

  • Winter 2024 – Feb 1st
  • Spring 2024 – April 19th
  • Summer 2024 – July 19th
  • Fall 2024 – October 19th

So thank you for your patience while we switch gears.

That wasn’t a very deathy idiom…

So thank you for your patience while we kick the bucket… of our old publishing schedule… did that land? We think it did…

Here are some things you may want to know, in no particular order:

Why are you only sending print to the US only?

Because the VAT is mighty, and indie press is small.


Because international shipping is a nightmare flavored nightmare and every time something goes wrong it’s like a $25 mistake.


Sorry. International readers (who we LOVE). You’ll definitely be able to read the digital versions.

I’m in the US, how do I get a print copy?

Join our updated Patreon. Eventually we’ll have POD (print on DEATH we mean DEMAND) copies available for purchase, but the terms will be much more favorable for our Patrons.

Wait, how are the Patreon tiers changing??

THAT IS A GREAT QUESTION and we have thought a lot about this. There is more info to be found on our Patreon page here, but these are the main changes:

$2/mo — you’ll get the digital version each quarter. This is essentially $6 for a quarterly issue, paid monthly. Worldwide.

$5/mo — this gets you a digital copy PLUS a print copy for US residents. $15/issue, paid monthly.

$10/mo — this is for the True Believers — you get the digital and (if in US) the print, you’re just paying more for it because you love us.

$55.50 — if you back us at this tier, we’ll send you a print version anywhere on Earth, damn the VAT and shipping mistakes. We’ll also send you other cool stuff because WOW, this sure does help us out…

$6 or $15 for an issue seems like a lot of money for one story and a few poems and a nonfic piece…

Wrong. Each quarterly issue will have 4-6 stories, four poems, one nonfiction, and the occasional Ask A Necromancer column.

I’m already a Patreon member, do I have to do anything different?

No! You can stay on your current tier–you’ll still receive the rewards we promised (we’re working on those!) and you’ll still support us and still get to read The Deadlands. The only thing is: if you’re on the $5 tier and you’re international, you will not be getting a print copy.

I don’t have any money, can I still read The Deadlands?

Yes. We will continue to put out content from our issues for free online–ALL of the content from the issues will be available to read online absolutely free, it’ll just be released slowly over the course of three months.


We love that about you.

Here is our Patreon link, please go and sign-up AT ONCE, it’d really help us to know how many issues of #33 we should print (and we are sending them to the printer ASAP so… we’ll probably have to eyeball this one a bit. It’s fine.

But please do go and sign up. We need need need your support to keep this ship of death afloat.

Any other questions?

Sean, our publisher, will answer them.

You can email him here: ask AT psychopomp [dot] com.

Thank you for reading and supporting us!

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