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The inaugural issue of The Deadlands contains original fiction from Vajra Chandrasekera, a reprint from Arkady Martine, poetry from s.j. bagley, MJ Cunniff, Shweta Narayan, and Romie Stott, as well as non-fiction from Suzan Palumbo.

“She names herself Annelid because, she says, she likes that it means “little rings,” though what she actually means (but does not say) is that she has a fascination with peristalsis. Swallowing and choking, digesting and shitting, the movement of dead things through the living body, it obsesses her as namings and the absences of namings obsesses us.”

Peristalsis, Vajra Chandrasekera

About The Deadlands

The Deadlands is a new monthly speculative fiction magazine. We will publish short stories, poems, and essays about the other realms, of the ends we face here, and the beginnings we find elsewhere. It will be a journey into the unknown, to meet those who live there still, even though they may be dead. Death is a journey we all will take, but we’d like to peek at the map before we go.

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