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Issue 33 of The Deadlands contains original fiction from Avra Margariti, Tiffany Morris, Diana Dima, Damían Neri, Brandi Sperry, Anjali Patel, poetry from Alexander Atreya, Mark Cunanan, Anuja Mitra, Melissa Frederick, and nonfiction from Sophia-Maria Nicolopoulos.

The first time I saw you was at the beginning. This world was flat and featureless and newly made, and I its named guardian. With my hammer in hand, I waited for time to spin into motion. When the first sunrise broke its yolk on the horizon, I thought I would never feel anything as glorious as those first rays of light.

You showed up to ruin everything.

Your Sword, Your Trumpet, by Anjali Patel

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About The Deadlands

The Deadlands is a monthly speculative fiction magazine. We publish short stories, poems, and essays about the other realms, of the ends we face here, and the beginnings we find elsewhere. It is an adventure into the unknown, to meet those who live there still, even though they may be dead. Death is a journey we all will take, but we’d like to peek at the map before we go.

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