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Issue 19 of The Deadlands contains original fiction from Wesley Woolf and Bernie Jean Schiebeling, poetry from Madison Rahner, Shannan Mann, and Christine Barkley, nonfiction from Tyler Hein, as well as our recurring Ask A Necromancer feature from Amanda Downum.

I go left, through the brambles, beneath the hedge. Go down, descending, always descending, as I always have. Push my way through till the forest consumes me, surrounds me, and no longer does the noise bleed through. And this is the point where I must let go, place no thought upon my movement, directionless I must travel forward. Preconception will bear me no entrance, the conscious mind cannot guide me here, desire will lead me out.

Pleiades — Wesley Woolf

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    About The Deadlands

    The Deadlands is a monthly speculative fiction magazine. We publish short stories, poems, and essays about the other realms, of the ends we face here, and the beginnings we find elsewhere. It is an adventure into the unknown, to meet those who live there still, even though they may be dead. Death is a journey we all will take, but we’d like to peek at the map before we go.

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